WAVE report on Work Package 1.1
Multiple sensor WIM

The Work Package 1.1 report is now avaliable as a PDF file (927 Kb).

It describes work on Multiple-Sensor Weigh-in-Motion, undertaken in France by LCPC and in the UK by Cambridge University Engineering Department (CUED). The research involve independent development of two different theories for MS-WIM processing, and analysis of four different sets of experimental WIM data - two in France and two in the UK.

Overall it is concluded that MS-WIM arrays of 10 or more suitably-spaced sensors are capable of achieving accuracies of B+(7) (COST 323 assessment scale). This corresponds to errors of approximately 4% RMS in estimating the static loads. The main factor preventing MS-WIM systems from achieving better levels of accuracy was found to be random sensor errors, due to noise and calibration.

The Final Report and other Work Package reports are available as hard copies or in electronic form as PDF files on the European WIM Web site or. See WAVE project Executive summary page for details.

Last updated on 28th of May, 2001, by A.Znidaric