WAVE report on Work Package 3.1
Durability of WIM systems in Cold Climates

The Work Package 3.1 report is now avaliable as a PDF file (2.77 Mb).

Work package WP 3.1 on Durability of WIM systems in Cold Climates dealt with the objectives included when testing the capability of existing and future WIM systems to operate effectively in cold, northern and mountainous climates under harsh conditions as well as testing existing calibration procedures in both temperate and cold climates. The work aims at the improvement of initial calibration methods and automatic self-calibration procedures, and will contribute to the WP3.2 of WAVE (Calibration of WIM systems).

The specific objectives of this test concerned the evaluation and reporting of the performance and durability of existing and prototype WIM systems in cold climate conditions, with special focus on the following points:

The Final Report and other Work Package reports are available as hard copies or in electronic form as PDF files on the European WIM Web site or. See WAVE project Executive summary page for details.

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