2nd European WIM conference


B. Jacob, E. OBrien

Panel Discussions and Concluding Presentation

Session A – Introduction
Chairperson: E. OBrien

European Legislation on the Maximum Weights and Dimensions of Motor Vehicles
R. Missen

COST Transport Activities
P. Debeusscher

European Road Transport Research in EU Framework Programmes
R. Bastiaans

Action COST 323: Weigh-In-Motion of Road Vehicles
B. Jacob

Session B - Users Perspective
Chairperson: L.A. George, Moderator: M. do Carmo Santos

Weigh-In-Motion: Enhancing Traffic and Economic Management
S. Jehaes

The French National WIM Network 'SIREDO'
S. Rambeau, C. Follin, D. Stanczyk

Survey of Weigh-In-Motion Data in England
V. Davies, P. Hathaway

Development of an Axle Load Monitoring Network on the Federal Motorways in Germany
G. Kühnelt

The Experience of a Toll Motorway Operator: SANEF
G. Baillemont, R. Henry

Experience of WIM in Hungary
A. Gulyás

Multilingual Glossary of Weigh-In-Motion
M. Siffert, A. Znidaric

European Database for WIM
M. Siffert, V. Dolcemascolo, R. Henny

Session C - Theoretical Aspects of WIM Technologies
Chairperson: D. Cebon, Moderator: J-M. Caussignac

Multiple Sensor WIM Using Reconstruction Algorithms of the Dynamic Axle Loads
J. Sainte-Marie, P. Argoul, B. Jacob, V. Dolcemascolo

Enhancing Multiple-Sensor WIM Systems
L.K. Stergioulas, D.Cebon, M.D. Macleod

Multiple Sensor Weigh-In-Motion: Optimal Design and Experimental Study
V. Dolcemascolo, B. Jacob

Bridge Weigh-In-Motion Systems - An Overview
A. Znidaric, W. Baumgärtner

Low Cost Calibration Management
R.J. Peters

Isolating and Quantifying WIM Errors due to Axle Dynamics
T. Papagiannakis

Panel Discussion - WIM Standards and Specifications
Chairperson: B. Jacob

European Specification on Weigh-In-Motion of Road Vehicles (COST323)
B. Jacob, E.J. Obrien

The Development of an OIML International Recommendation for 'Automatic Instruments for Weighing Road Vehicles in Motion'
I.R. Dunmill

Standardisation of WIM Technologies: U.S.A. Experience
C.E. Lee

The U.S. States Successful Practices Weigh-In-Motion Handbook
B. McCall

Session D - Application of WIM to Bridges
Chairperson: A. Znidaric, Moderator: I. Enevoldsen

Bridge Applications of Weigh-In-Motion
E.J. OBrien, S.F. Bailey, A.J. O'Connor, I. Enevoldsen, A. Znidaric

Application of Weigh-In-Motion Data to Fatigue of Road Bridges
B. Jacob

Effects of Traffic Loads on Road Bridges - Preliminary Studies for the Re-Assessment of the Traffic Load Model for Eurocode 1, Part 3
A.J. O'Connor, B. Jacob, E.J. OBrien, M. Prat

Evaluation of Extreme Traffic Load Effects in Cable Stayed and Suspension Bridges Using WIM Records
C. Crémona, J. Carracilli

Dynamic Vehicle Impact for Safety Assessment of Bridges
P.H. Kirkegaard, S.R.K. Nielsen, I. Enevoldsen

Extension of Bridge WIM systems to Slab Bridges
A. Znidaric;, I. Lavric;, J. Kalin

Numerical Simulation of Moving Load Effect on Road Bridges
J. Melcer, D. Kucharova

Session E – Application of WIM to Pavements
Chairperson: M. Siffert, Moderator: R. Henny

WIM Application to Pavements
M. Caprez

Spatial Repeatability of Dynamic Loading on a Pavement
B. Jacob, V. Dolcemascolo

The use of WIM Data in Traffic Assessment
A.C. Collop, B. Al-Hakim, N.H. Thom, W.G. Lloyd

Traffic and Loading Stresses on Urban Roadways: Comparison with other Networks and New Technical, Economic and Environmental Issues
G. Briant, JP. Christory, P. Loustalot, C. Roussel

Analysis of Road Pavements under Dynamic Axle Loads
M. de L. Antunes

Session F - Application of WIM to Enforcement
Chairperson: G. Kühnelt, Moderator: W.H. Newton

Enforcement Applications of Weigh-In-Motion
W.H. Newton

Weighing of Road Vehicles in France for Enforcement
Y. Marchadour

Accuracy Assessment of a Low Speed Weigh-In-Motion System
V. Dolcemascolo, B. Jacob, B. Boutillier, L. Reversat-Brulant

Experimental Use of WIM with Video to Control Overloading
R.J. Henny

The Control of Axle Weight and Gross Vehicle Weight on Slovene Roads
D. Štor

Evaluation of Factors Affecting WIM System Accuracy
F. Scheuter

Session G - Tests of WIM Systems
Chairperson: M. Caprez, Moderator: B. Hallström

European Test Programme of WIM Systems: Cold Environment Test and Continental Motorway Test
A. de Henau, B. Jacob

European Test of Weigh-In-Motion Systems ‘Continental Motorway Test (CMT)’ on the A31 Motorway
D. Stanczyk, B. Jacob

Accuracy Analysis of WIM Systems for the Cold Environmental Test
S. Jehaes, B. Hallström

Cold Environmental Test at Luleå: Calibration of WIM Systems using an Instrumented Vehicle
M. Huhtala, P. Halonen, V. Miettinen

Weigh-In-Motion of Road Vehicles in Belgium
A. de Henau

Session H - Developments in Sensors/Systems/Products
Chairperson: C. Koniditsiotis, Moderator: A. de Henau

Weigh-In -Motion using Optical Fibre Technology
J-M. Caussignac, S. Larcher, J.C. Rougier

Orthotropic Bridge Weigh-In-Motion for Determining Axle and Gross Vehicles Weights
A.T. Dempsey, B. Jacob, J. Carracilli

The Development of a Dynamic Bridge Weigh-In-Motion Algorithm
A. Gonzalez, E.J. OBrien

Description of a Weigh-in-Motion Device and Factors Affecting WIM Accuracy
L. Reversat-Brulant, P. Arfos, P. Monteil, A. Liégeois

Implementation and Tests of a Quartz Crystal Sensor WIM System
N. Hoose, J. Kunz

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