International WIM users' email network

The WIM Users Mailing List is a non commercial and free of charge International email network on Weigh-in-motion of Heavy Vehicles. Basic operating instructions, and a legally binding disclaimer are given below.

The COST 323 Management Committee decided in 1997 to start an (e-mail) mailing list for WIM-Users. This WIM-Users Mailing List is mend for people who are operating, using or interested in WIM systems and WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) data or application to pavement, bridges, enforcement and traffic and road management, or who are directly involved in the use or production of WIM's. The goal of this mailing list is to exchange information about WIM's and the use of WIM's all over the world. In 2000, the WIM users' email network comprises 190 registered people from all over the world.

Operating instructions

This mailing list is operated by Bernard Jacob and not (yet) by a computer. So everybody who has information which is of interest for the people on this mailing list can send that information by e-mail to Bernard Jacob (LCPC); e-mail address: He will read that message and send it to all the people on the WIM-Users Mailing List. There are no costs involved in being on the mailing list. So people who have a specific problem and who want to know whether there are other people who already have tackled that problem, can send an e-mail to this mailing list. Other information concerning WIM's can be distributed too of course.

People who want to join this mailing list have to send an e-mail with their name, e-mail address, company name and country to Bernard Jacob.

Neither Bernard Jacob nor LCPC (Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris, FR) can be held responsible for the contents of the messages send by this mailing list. They have the right to refuse messages for this Mailing List.

Thank you and welcome to the WIM Users Mailing List. We look forward to your participation in the discussions.

Bernard Jacob,
LCPC, 58 bd Lefebvre,
F-75015 Paris.
Tel: +33 1 40 43 53 12,
Fax: +33 1 40 43 54 99

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